Unique Flo

Unique Fasteners For general and special industrial applications, from Waste Water to Food processing, UniqueFlo has pumps in stock for distribution in North America. Our complete line of Progressing Cavity pumps offer flow ranges from dosing, or metering, to 450gpm at various pressure and solid handling applications.

Our mission is to supply the highest quality pumps, parts and equipment to Municipal water and Waste Water treatment, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Food and General industries to name a few. UniqueFlo uses its relationships with the most qualified and reliable suppliers in the world along with a comprehensive knowledge of commerce and industry to provide quickest possible delivery and most competitive price in the market.

Our in stock centrifugal pumps include sewage submersible, de-watering, end suction and self-priming in all sizes.

Products include:
Industrial equipments, Heavy Duty Pumps, Solids control equipemnt, Retro fit spares, Wellhead components, O&G Accessories & more..

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